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How to Install a Hyperbaric Chamber in 10 Weeks—CRL Contracting’s Monumental Task

By Lisa Bianco 

Across from Gwinnett Medical Center HyOx Treatment Center now offers the healing power of
 hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Until now, no hyperbaric medicine facility of this scale existed in
 Gwinnett,  especially with the clinical expertise of Dr. Richard King, HyOx’s Medical Director in Gwinnett and
 its flagship Marietta location. Says Dr. King, “With our expansion to Gwinnett, we’re filling a void for
 patients in Gwinnett who have wounds from infection, injury or disease, and who aren’t responding to traditional
 treatment. This includes patients with chronic, non-healing diabetic lower extremity  wounds and cancer survivors with soft tissue or bone injuries from radiation therapy.”

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments provide the body with 100 percent oxygen delivered at high  pressure to enable compromised tissue to heal. Faster healing takes place because the process increases the amount of   oxygen the blood can carry—a 10 to 15-fold increase in tissue oxygen content. The hyperbaric chamber, large enough for  person to walk into, creates a level of  pressure equivalent to 45 feet below sea level. Thus, oxygen is able to dissolve into the liquid  portion of blood (plasma).
“The bottom line is that without adequate oxygen, the diseased tissues and cells starve and die. Hyperbaric oxygen 
 treatment enables those cells to live. That’s when healing can happen, ” Dr. King explains.

Solving a 45,000 Pound Problem:

This amazing therapy is now available thanks to CRL Contracting, a medical interior contractor  that took on the monumental task of reconfiguring the medical suite and surmounting countless construction barriers to  install the hyperbaric chamber. As Sean Roach, President and CEO of  the company recounted, this process entailed not only removing the side of the building to lower   the 45,000 lb hyperbaric chamber by crane into the suite, CRL also had to shepherd the  construction through countless regulations, certifications and inspections due to the nature of hyperbaric
 medicine’s use of medical gas (oxygen). 

“Throughout the project’s 10-week schedule CRL managed 18 different subcontractors who completed  aspects of the job. We had riggers with cranes who lowered the chamber into the   building, along with concrete, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, glass and flooring contractors—you   name it they were there. When the wall was removed on the first floor, we had to board it up  every night to maintain the integrity of the building,” he recalls. Not to mention the fact that all of
 this went on while the rest of the medical building was occupied and holding normal business hours. 

It was necessary for CRL Contracting to lower the medical suite’s floor by 3 feet to house the hyperbaric chamber
 properly. Extra thick concrete was poured due to the extreme weight of the chamber. They also built mechanical
 rooms to house power generators and water tanks. Oxygen storage was located outside of the building, for safety
 reasons. Even so, the  company was no  stranger to the complexities of medical installations. More than ninety percent of its business is  medical installations, and CRL has a sixteen-year track record in this specialty area. He  elaborates further on the complexities involved when he says, “There are so many special  regulations with medical projects­—HIPAA regulations, American Disabilities Act requirements,  State Fire Marshall standards and infection control procedures. CRL staff members have been specially trained  to do   this type of work.” CRL holds a certification issued by the American   Society of Healthcare Engineers that qualifies the company to do exactly that. 

Yet, even considering the fact that CRL Contracting had done hundreds of medical installations,  the Gwinnett HyOx medical facility was something special. Roach contends, “We were honored   to be trusted by our client with a project of this complexity.” Travis Epperson is the Director of Construction for  Meadows & Ohly, the company that manages the medical suite building where  HyOx was built. Epperson also managed the architecture and engineering for the project and has   high praise for CRL Contracting’s efforts. 

“They did a great job with a complicated project involving the technical and regulatory issues of medical gas, the
 requirements of an oxygen system, zone alarms and multiple subcontractors. The job superintendent, Rusty Brewer,
 was outstanding in how competently he managed all the vendors.  While we’ve done a great deal of work with CRL Contracting they presented the best bid in our opinion. In the  end the project came in at a good value, within budget and was built on a short schedule.” Epperson thought  fifteen weeks would have been more the norm for a company to complete the project, but CRL Contracting bid  it for ten weeks and completed itin on time. 

HyOx Treatment Center is located at 500 Medical Blvd, Suite 170 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Medical Director Dr.  Richard King stresses the importance of having a facility of this kind located in the community. “Patients will  travel a reasonable distance since this therapy may be their only  chance to heal, create viable tissue or bone for a surgical procedure, or even salvage a limb at risk of amputation. The  proximity of this new facility for referring physicians and its convenience to  patients is a win-win situation for the Gwinnett medical community.” 

For more information about CRL Contracting contact Sean Roach at 678-546-3382, or To contact the HyOx Treatment Center call 678-672-1647