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 CRL Contracting Celebrates 15th Year in Business

 By Vanessa Orr

This December, CRL Contracting, based in Auburn, GA, will have something more to celebrate than the holidays. The end of 2009 marks the company’s 15th year in business; quite an accomplishment in a field where many contracting companies have had to close their doors.
“Having been in the business for 15 years gives us an advantage in the market,” explained President Sean Roach. “Clients trust in our stability.”

Founded by Charles Richard Lewis (CRL) in 1994, the company got its start doing commercial interiors, but has since moved on to specializing in medical interiors, doing backfill and first-generation work. “About 10 years ago, we started working with Meadows and Ohly, and have since worked for virtually every hospital group in Atlanta, either directly on properties outside hospitals or on properties that the company manages elsewhere,” said Roach.  “Wherever they go, we go.” Meadows and Ohly LLC provides development and consulting services to hospitals and physicians on medical office buildings and outpatient projects.

To work on or in medical facilities, however, specific protocols have to be followed. “We keep all of our employees current on dust abatement issues and all of them are certified in hospital requirements for air quality control,” explained Roach. “All of our supervisors  stay current with HIPAA regulations, which in fact, often helps during the design phase of a project.”

One advantage of the company’s expertise in healthcare requirements is that CRL staff can offer suggestions before a facility is built, rather than after. “This saves the client money, because we can make whatever changes are required to meet regulations before a lot of time and money is invested,” said Roach. “We often work hand-in-hand with architects in the medical design field, offering suggestions, and keeping the lines of communication open.”

Because medical offices often need to stay open during construction, CRL Contracting also works around physicians’ schedules, either through phased construction or by working after hours. “During renovations, it is very important that practices maintain operational functions,” said Roach. “To help them do this, we may divvy a project up into two or three phases, so that they can maintain operational integrity, or work when patients aren’t in the office.

“We are very proud that our clients trust us with access to their offices, and trust that we will maintain dust, moisture and access control,” he added. “While working this way is more time-consuming for us, it saves our clients money and ensures that they will be able to have their renovations completed without having to shut down the office during construction.”

CRL Contracting’s many years in the business also ensures that clients have access to many options along the way, including the use of a number of subcontractors. “When we price things in a competitive bid, we look at several different alternatives,” explained Roach. “We look at multiple subcontractors for each phase of a project, which makes them more competitive.

“If we end up in a situation where the lowest-cost subcontractor can’t do the project within the timeframe available, there’s not a problem, because we’re not just working with one set of guys,” he added. “We have a full fraternity of subcontractors who work with us who are willing to jump in and fill those shoes.”

According to Roach, it is the loyalty of these subcontractors and CRL’s clients who have helped the company remain viable over the past decade-and-a-half. “We lost our founder two years ago, and it was tough getting past that hurdle,” said Roach. “Charles was our guiding light and had a huge influence on the business. While that loss could have been catastrophic, we made it through that time with the help of our clients and our subcontractors, and the company has since prospered—last year was our best year yet.”

Even in this tough economy, CRL stayed strong. “Our goal this year was to keep all of our people working, even with the economy the way it was,” said Roach. “We’ve had to work hard, and luckily, we haven’t even come close to considering layoffs. We were hoping for slow, steady growth, and so far, we’ve grown both in personnel and in volume.

“Without good customer service, we wouldn’t be where we are,” he added. “We approach every customer as a future reference. And if there’s a way to build them a better mousetrap, we’ll find it.”
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