Georgia Cancer Specialist - Cumming, GA
 1505 Northside BLVD. Suite 4100
 Cumming, GA

 Start Date: November 17, 2010

 End Date:  February 8, 2011

 Value of Project                                                     $241,047.00

 Owner/Telephone Number                                       Architect/Telephone Number
 Meadows & Ohly, LLC.                                          LeVino Jones Medical Interiors
 Pam Saknini - (678) 282-0220                               Danielle Page - (404) 459-9411

 CRL Project Manager                                            CRL Field Superintendent
 Sean Roach                                                          Tom Dunahoo/ Justin Roach

 Project Scope:

 This is a first Generation Tenant. "Upfit" for what we consider a duel client. CRL has worked with Meadows & Ohly often and Georgia Cancer Specialties are repeat clients. This location was constructed over a holiday period of the year and included specialty mill work, lighting, wall protections and flooring. CRL worked very closely with the designer firm LeVino Jones to create a functional and pleasant experience for the staff and patients. As often in the case, and Always a CRL goal. CRL was invited and accomplished several other locations based on our performance. Georgia Cancer has allowed CRL to complete projects in Decatur, Lithonia, Canton, Macon, Stockbridge, Johns Creek, Fayetteville, Jasper and currently in Griffin. This project was a true success in itself and in CRL's relationship with the clients. I believe that is the priority of all projects.

  Georgia Cancer Specialist